Benefits of Client Information in One Management System

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Client information rules an education and migration agency. Having extensive databases of clientele to manage simultaneously is mostly managed poorly. In the modern landscape of service providers, high level of customer service is becoming the norm. During conversation with client, they expect high-level support service with agencies. In the modern landscape of service providers, high level of customer service is becoming the norm expected from clients interacting with agencies. 68% customers favor a balance of higher price and quality services and unwillingly accept poor customer service at lower prices. To grow, an education and migration agency must manage and please clients throughout the entire process by managing their requirements from start to finish. The question is how you can handle large number of clients and their individual requirements whilst providing high-quality service and for some managers, it is a case of doing so for multiple branches.

Customer retention rate is a crucial statistic for agencies to be wary of. The main pillar of business is repeat and referral business, if conducted correctly. A reputation of high quality customer service is continuously provided. Harvard business conducted one survey in Australia on customer retention rate mentions, increasing customer retention rate by 5% increases your profit from 25% to 95%. When you are evaluating the strategy of customer loyalty, then it is an important factor to consider.

Managing local databases can be a tough task in itself; some agencies must deal with multiple branches. Handling the management of such large databases of clients and consultants is quite difficult to work. Moreover, it takes more time to finish this tedious work to do so. Your ability to manage multiple locations and at the same time, implement and manage strategy of customer retention requires a system designed specifically for these tasks.

Why Education & Migration Industry Needs Client Database?

Generally, a database is used to store information about clients, meeting times, communication records and client’s requirement’s; all whilst housing the ability to monitor activity log to ensure company process is being followed.

To maintain large clientele is not an easy task. Owners and managers of multiple education & migration agencies needs to coordinate consultants, clients, specific requirements, alerts on schedules and much more information from a single database. A single solution will allow company-wide communication to be ever more effective and provide knowledge on clients to be shared with minimal loss in productivity. Current industry practice does not compensate the transfer of client information and without knowing can lead to a dramatic waste in time.

How to Eliminate Inefficiencies in Data Collection

4 Key Benefits of Client Management System

Access Data from Anywhere

Admin has full access to all client information, regardless of branch location. You can access data faster as software is lightweight. With the unique ability of an advance search facility, managers can see everything that they need.

Saves Time

The installation and implementation process of this software is fast and accurate. It will save the time of your consultants while entering or modifying records. Through this paperless record keeping system, you can easily access client information regardless of when they previously engaged with the agency.

Build Trust

Stand out from competition & add value to your client’s requirement by sending them emails to see the progress on their application.

Everything in One Place

Never loss important alerts or information on any client now. Employee stores information in one system and it is easily access from another location.

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EdMatrix is the solution to serve the purpose of handling large databases of education & migration agencies in one management system. This software has industry specific features to help consultants and management deal with multiple clients effectively. Client management system’s supportive and sustainable customer relationship feature helps education and migration agency’s consultants enhance interactions. It improves client approach and provides access to knowledge about each client.

If your agency has large database and finding it difficult to manage customer relationship, then you must contact our team. You can email at or 1300 894 506 to solve your query as soon as possible.

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