Understanding the Education and Migration Industry

Understanding the education and migration industry

Education and migration industry, agency competition has become more intense than ever. Apart from that, massive amount of competitors, clients have higher expectations from their education and migration agency. They search for your business reviews, compare time proceeding application and consult their friends and relatives before proceeding their application.

In order to stay ahead in the education and migration industry, many agencies have stepped up their game by investing in their agency management system and service quality. These are backbones of any education and migration agencies.

How to Stand Out in the Education and Migration Industry

Automation Mundane Tasks to Cut Costs

If your employee spends half of the day just to input data from hard copy to Excel, you are wasting on your wage cost on repetitive tasks. Up to 45% of task can be automated, now you can imagine at least 30% of your wage cost can be cut by technology. Here you can find more offers on this website. Contrary to common belief, an agency management system for the education and migration industry is much more affordable now.

Manage Leads from Marketing Activities

Keep track on your lead source. If you are a new agency, there is space to explore new marketing methods in the education and migration industry. If you stay long in the competition and know your main lead source, it is perfect. Next step, you have to make sure you know your sales funnel. For the budget you have for each marketing activity, number of lead acquired, you should have a number of dollars converted. Having this reported by your employees may take some time. This should be an effortless snapshot anytime you need. An agency management system like EdMatrix marketing feature brings you a systematic view of your sales funnel in a click of a button.

Minimise Overdue Payments from Clients and Institution Partners

Overdue payments are not only harmful for your business cashflow but also creates such irritation just to think about it. Payment terms should be discussed with clients and partners. Most importantly, you should contact your clients immediately after the payments are outstanding.

For institution partners, commission from institutions should be calculated and accessed by any time. If you agency applies commission structure for your counselors, you should refer the combined commission report like this.

Increase Productivity with Staff Activity Management System

Activity management allows managers and business owners in the education and migration industry to know which task each employee performs during the day. Manager can observe staff productivity and their performance. Moreover, activity management function also assists staff to monitor their own daily activities. Most importantly, each action item is categorised by its priority status.

Why is Process Tracking Important for My Agency

Those are some tips for the education and migration industry that can improve agency operation to win more clients. We take pride in providing custom software for Migration and Education agency. You can find all of the solutions in our system. Contact us at 1300 894 506 or via info@edmatrix.com.au to discuss your agency improvements.

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