How to Eliminate Inefficiencies in Data Collection

How to eliminate inefficiencies in data collection

Eliminate inefficiencies; slowly becoming a major part of businesses moving forward for the education and migration industry. The educational & migration industry needs to create an active and effective infrastructure for housing their company data. For that, the system must be robust and interface must be clear. Implementing an innovative technology shows that your agency wants to develop, grow and stand out in such a competitive industry. More so, operation efficiency is the inevitable part of growth. To get this operational efficiency, your business must implement an industry specific system to reduce the cost, improve the process of data collection, and provide one location of all information.

But how exactly can any education and migration agency collect such accurate data and ensure relevancy towards each individual client? A recent data collection showed, 37% of data captured are duplicates, 45% of data is relevant and remaining data is irrelevant. Efficiency is depended upon data collection techniques – interviews, questionnaires and surveys, observations, documents and records, targeted age group, etc. Collecting correct data or simply housing the data in the appropriate location for employees to access can save education and migration agencies precious time and ultimately save cost.

Key Challenges in Data Collection and Eliminate Inefficiencies

Low Quality

Low quality reports will create negative impact on the usability of robustness of statistical output. Many agencies may face loss due to low productivity from the poor quality of data. If there is no data validation process, then it means data is open to human error.

Relevance & Retention

Data must be removed, if relevancy doesn’t exist to meet the purpose or if there is no historical and statistical value present. The lifespan of any data is defined and regulated by its requirements.


While collecting data from various sources, users may store duplicate records more than once. So, most of the time, corporates use data deduplication process. In this process, it eliminates redundant copies of data and reduces storage of data. Only unique data will remain in storage.

Integrity & Retention

Accurate, authenticate, timeliness – data gives complete information regarding the requirement of any client.

Data quality is defined by the integrity of agencies business process during data collection, application areas, warehousing and analysis. Education agency owners know the challenge to reduce the inefficiency, when they are trying to ascertain the productivity.

Benefits of Client Information in One System

Basically what can an agency management software can do for education & migration industry to eliminate inefficiencies?

  • Manually enter student’s data once in the agency management software with accuracy. So, next time whenever any other employee wants to use that data, they will get exact information.
  • Remove data silos. It means the data is accessible by higher authorities as well as colleagues.
  • Streamline processes like initial call, meeting, follow up calls, etc to improve your supply chain process.
  • Track records of day to day work to reduce the chance of miscommunication and increase the chance to get business.
  • Provide person to person service, as per specific need of student
  • Provide remote accessibility, so employees can enter information from anywhere and higher authorities can verify it from remote locations if necessary.

Eliminate inefficiencies reduce the quality of your service or product, damage the brand value and morale of employees and affect business financially. So, before submitting data to software, employees should verify full name, address, contact number, email address, educational details, etc. from the documents submitted by the students.

The good news is EdMatrix, a reliable education & migration agency management software, minimize your trouble of eliminating inefficiency and maximize your employee’s work strength as well as productivity by implementing this software within your organisation. It tracks real time entries and previous entries of each employee individually.

If you want efficient results and head towards growth, then you need to implement this type of software. It eases the work of your employees & you by simply keeping your data in one central location. Contact our team at or 1300 894 506 to get the demonstration.

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