Benefits of Measuring Staff Performance

Measuring Staff Performance

Measuring staff performance within an education and migration agencies have numerous practical solutions but to our research, 53% of employers say they don’t actively track performance. A recent survey of Australian organisations mentioned, 27% of company time is unproductive, per employee. Implementing processes that encourage employee performance tracking could have major impacts on the growth of the company. If you are paying employees for their time, work efficiency will be your highest priority; you are not wanting to spare company resources for unproductive work.

Education and Migration agencies could easily provide improved customer service and increase the volume of clients by simply implementing a process of measuring staff performance. Therefore, data management and employee performance tracking should now days become a major focus of agencies as their want to grow their business increases.

You might have questions as to what measurements points are viable to evaluate employee performance in an agency setting. There are certain indicators in measuring staff performance such as productivity, communication skills, work efficiency and time management. These can be easily managed in an agency management system designed for the industry.

Areas of Measuring Staff Performance


The measurement of productivity per employee can be as simple as tracking client inquiries and ensuring the activity history matches the company policy. The productivity of an employee also includes how effective they were at following the process and which activities were being completed at what date/time. The more work that can be achieved within a set amount of time should demonstrate to management the productivity of the individual employee.

Communication Skills

In the education industry, communication is the most in-demand skill. It includes command over local language and most importantly the ability to communicate the services of the organisation to potential clients. Employees must be effective in providing details regarding courses, visas, application processing and more.

Work Efficiency

Every agency will have some form of database for client information; effectively working within these systems can either be productive for staff members or completely unproductive, dependent on the chosen solution in place.

Time Management

Employees ability to manage time through properly allocating activities and scheduling client appointments need to be managed properly to ensure productivity and order within a working day. Time lost here can lead to multiple issues along the process.

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If agencies lack the framework to assist management with the tracking of employees, implementing an agency management system can help solve the following issues:

  • Eliminate unproductive working hours.
  • Better evaluation per employee based on real working activities.
  • Management becomes more robust and structured in monitoring staff.
  • Provide support as the process becomes highlighted in activity history; allowing management to effectively control training at a time that eliminates further mistakes.
  • Goals on achievement become more tangible for employees.

As per general statistics, people who exercise their strengths daily are 8% more productive and 6x more likely to be engaged at work. The unproductive employees will create a disturbance on company workflow leading to an array of agency issues. To measure this type of unproductive work, education and migration agencies must use the correct system, designed for them, to track the activity and performance of all staff members.

EdMatrix; an agency management system designed specifically for the education and migration industry is a remarkable solution, capable of handling multiple branches and all employee’s activities simultaneously. Now giving you the control over your agency that allows you to see all relevant data in real-time. Therefore, with the advancements in technology, agencies can now collect and use impactful data to measure and improve the performance of their employees.

If you want to discover more about EdMatrix then please don’t hesitate to contact our team at or 1300 894 506.

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