5 Benefits of Reducing Company Process Complexity

5 benefits of reducing company process complexity

Education and migration agencies work within a very complex industry. In addition, company’s process complexity acts like an obstacle in potential increases in profit and the overall growth of the agency. Core capability of an education and migration agency should create sustainable & competitive advantages whilst helping their multiple branches gaining future business. In one publication of ‘The Global Simplicity Index’ it stated that 64% of consumers are willing to pay more for a simpler experience with a business. Complexity drives potential clients, away; spend time working on how you can get to the desired outcome quicker, by reduced touch points and working on the company process management.

In recent years, many education and migration agencies have attempted to implement simple processes, product structures and operational changes to reduce process complexity. The reduction in complexity helps to focus on customer service and eliminate useless expenses. For effective lead and client management, education and migration agencies needs to integrate customer focused solutions into their workplace. Efficient agency management system features enhance interaction between customers and employees; whilst allowing management to respond quickly on issues and see updates in real time. It provides a solution that allow managers to see the progress of their process implementation.

What Kind of Agency Management System do you Need?

 Education and migration agencies need to install an agency management system that assists with:

  • Revealing hidden costs and allow management to determine which process makes their work simple and effective.
  • Removal of bottlenecks within the company processes.
  • What customers really value within their provided services.
  • Increasing sales and profit margins.
  • Setting up goals for the staff development and business growth.
  • Reduce sources’ complexity and examine trade-offs.
  • Clarity around roles and responsibilities of employees.
  • Examine the hurdle rates for expansion activities and many more.

Benefits of Process Complexity Reduction

Improve Core Competencies

Implement change to introduce discipline in work methods. It allows you to do investment in your employee’s strength. It differentiates your agency from competitors and you can set goals which unifies your education and migration agency.


The implement change should be coherent with your existing operations and structure of your current workplace. It should boost process efficiency and productivity of staff members. Make sure the implemented agency management system reduce ambiguity and create transparency in
working methodology.

Decision Making

New system should be easy and simple. This allows employees to make effective and quick decision. Allocate some capital behind adopting innovative technologies and solutions that allow you to provide better services to your customers.

Cost Reduction

Create enterprise level value in the marketplace by launching credible processes for resource allocation as per the requirement of the client. First of all, set price range for customers. So they receive value, but also maximize your agency growth.


Get maximum process efficiency. Talk with clients, take survey as per age group or course detail and collect their reviews. In conclusion, collect data to know what your audience requires; which can assist you in identifying exact how you can tailor your services to match.

Avoid Outstanding Payments to Grow your Agency

Till now, education and migration agencies tried to match their structures with strategies to unlock the customer value. In recent years, most of the agencies centralised their key functions like operations, sales and finance. Though, recently they have started diversified offerings and tried to reach customers to the nearest of their natives. So, they developed various branches as per regional need to cover geographic markets. Branches are more flexible and adaptable to local conditions at all level of workplace hierarchy.

The outstanding features of EdMatrix – agency management system for education and migration agencies, make it more reliable among Australian agencies. To reduce the complexity of any process, you need to think through every step from requirement, implementation, approval and final decision. Implementation of EdMatrix, makes your work regarding operations, staff and client handling and other aspects simpler to manage and track, in real time.

If your agency is open to adopting innovative ideas and concept to reduce process complexity and increase sales, then you need to call us on 1300 894 506 or email us on info@edmatrix.com.au to get the details of EdMatrix.

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