How Staff Performance Tracking Improves Productivity

Staff Performance Tracking - migration agency management system

In the education and migration industry, staff performance tracking is becoming a crucial task for management. As per the survey from an Australian research company for human resource management reported from semi-annual and annual reports that only 2 out of 10 companies accurately track performance. According to this survey, remaining companies could be losing around $10,460 per employee because of low productivity and staff performance tracking. From our research on this, 57% companies use manual rating system especially based on paper to track the performance. In any workplace – efficiency, productivity, and innovation are always key elements.

Education and migration agencies need implement staff performance tracking and do so consistently. Reasons for, to optimize the productivity of your team, develop a strategic plan on individual basis and track their activities. Ignoring unhealthy company culture and unproductivity, drag down company’s profit and these all can be prevented by starting with employee engagement. Every company should invest their appropriate time to resolve the issues like lack of motivation, workplace behavior, small perks, and rewards, etc. These insignificant things can result in profit increase and improvement in employee engagement with your education and migration agency.

Solutions for Staff  Performance Tracking in Education & Migration Industry

Education & migration agencies need to monitor productivity obstacles through innovative and real-time technology. Employees productivity may suffer due to several reasons – low morale, diversion, skill competence and poor management. If any company neglects these reasons then they might suffer decreases in near future.

Low Morale

If the work environment is not suitable and co-workers are not supported, then you may see increases in sick leaves, work errors and decrease co-operation between departments.


Short breaks, long meetings without work related discussion, dropping by co-workers, etc. can affect employee’s productivity.

Skill Competence

New employees may lack of the knowledge of navigating the new system, encounter inappropriate work allocation, etc. All these create hurdle in performing tasks correctly.

Poor Management

This can happen in two situations: poor communication with managers or management has no idea about ongoing situations, relevant to the employee.

5 Benefits of Reducing Company Process Complexity

To improve employee’s productivity, most of the companies use video recording and/or tracking systems in office. Using this information, company can monitor user’s activity and in turn, helps to find out the reasons of low productivity. Management should keep in mind that total control over employees’ workplace may create negative impact on productivity. To improve the productivity management should –

  • Arrange training session to give knowledge on technology.
  • Communicate with each employee to know about their self-assessment, technical knowledge, lacking parts, suggestions, etc. Slight individual care boosts morale and result into better employee productivity.
  • Create tasks for each employee to allocate work on daily, weekly and monthly basis. Realistically calculate time for each task to perform.
  • Track the time of employee based on time spend on work related activities. So, company can identify productive & valuable employees.
  • Create productive plan by setting incentive on achieving target.

Agency has no need to do above things manually. EdMatrix, agency management system has in built functionality to track each employee’s technical efficiency, work details, communication with clients, achieved targets, attended training sessions, time tracking, etc. More so, education and migration agencies can check each employee’s track record to give them promotion. Through real time data, agency management can check on going tasks allocated to each employee from remote location, improving the workplace culture by implementing innovative technology.

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