Why is Process Tracking Important for My Agency

Why is process tracking important for my agency

To experience flawless and streamlined operations, education and migration agencies of Australia need to use the correct methodology to implement process tracking. Applying an application management system can help manage and control all branch offices and staff members working in these respective branch. The system can also manage all your consultants, easily define country specific application process, track all customer’s application with transparency, flexibility and control over agency operations. All these processes must be tracked to know the actual work being completed by consultants and how many sales are generated through agency productivity.

According to survey in ‘Time Magazine’, 40% of what team does end up as ‘process loss’. If every process is handled by single person, then this overhead wouldn’t exist. Moreover, almost 75 to 80 percent of time is used to perform tasks with business setting i.e. classified as transfer time whereas 25 to 30 percent time is used for actual task performance. Education and migration agencies are too much familiar with the concept of ‘process loss’. Owners need to evaluate this from financial reports. Staff members invest their time in finding ways to streamline processes and eliminate inefficiencies. It takes long time to complete quickly.

In most of the educational and migration agencies, each solution used, works independently from one another; his disallows seamless flow of information between the solutions. As a result, allocated time to manage client’s application is a manual process and consumes more time than necessary. Some educational and migration agencies integrated an application management system to overcome the process loss.

Process Tracking Steps

Time Tracking

To identify work efficiency of employees – time commitment per task should be calculated. It is necessary to conclude accurate budget and billing rates for client work. Set the timer for every task before allocating task to employees. 

Application Management

Consolidate client’s documents, communication and tasks into one place for collaboration and streamlined process.

Manage Resources

Each team member has their own set tasks, which outlines the work for next week; allowing management to view the progress. There is a notification tool to ensure that you will never miss any important date of appointment with client. This also means no delay in application process for each of your clients.


In any case if any team member calls in sick, then his/her tasks will quickly reassign to other team members within matter of minute.

Track Sales/Invoices

Essentially, sales are a process of steps and this helps consultants to analyse all their leads and provide the best customer service possible. Each step must be simple to make the right decision at the right time.

All above highlighted features are possible in one solution i.e. EdMatrix. Apart from above features, EdMatrix has several other features related to commission and payment tracking. The major and remarkable benefit of this application management system is that now you no longer need to manage records of invoice, commission and payment manually. No need to maintain records in weekly, monthly or yearly excel sheets. Moreover, EdMatrix never lets you lose track record of commission and invoices.

Management and process tracking is key for growth and survival with any educational and migration agency. If you are owner of education & migration agency and handle multiple branches, that follow a set process, then I recommend being in contact with EdMatrix. Contact the team on 1300 894 506 or email us at info@edmatrix.com.au to schedule the demo or further queries.

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